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  aWater covered the field 水报道了范畴 [translate]

  a阳光修盖 Sunlight construction [translate]

  a此雕刻坚硬是我的校,每天在校邑很欢快 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a本文概述了各种稠糊油开采技术的特点、机理、和使用环境。 Эта статья конспектировала каждую вроде толщиную характеристику технологии минирования масла, механизм, и целесообразна условие. [translate]

  aEnclosed is the credit note and letter of explanation with singned for your reference 内查封的是信誉短信,同时说皓函件与singned干为您的参考 [translate]

  asome others 壹些 其他 [translate]

  alanguage learning is a pricess of accumulation .it pays to absorb as much as you can from reading and listening and then try to out what you have learned into practice through speaking and writing. 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  a妄人在吗? Bastard in? [translate]

  aUndo this hurt you caused 言您将酷爱我又 [translate]

  a我们班拥有18个先生。 Our class has 18 students. [translate]

  asludge content 腐败泥情节 [translate]

  a鉴于世界人度过多,人类处于苦境中 As a result of the world overpopulation, the humanity is in the difficult position [translate]

  aspecialmente 特佩是 [translate]

  a条纹钢踏步 Pattern steel steps [translate]

  agood, i build a house 好,我修盖房儿子 [translate]

  akeep me posted on your life 僵持我被张贴在您的生活 [translate]

  a教养育培训界的暖和点。条是,摆在中国绵软件界和教养育界面前的要紧效实是,微少量初等院校逝业 Education training hot spot.However, suspends in the Chinese software and in front of educational circles' important question is, massive institutions of higher learning graduation [translate]

  a我能匹配好父亲家的工干 I can coordinate good everybody the work [translate]

  awhat will people die of 10 years from now? 正翻译,请收听候... [translate] me you.love我 [translate]

  aGood proposals ... Praise 好提案… 咏赞 [translate]

  a,Opportunity AccessibilityCopyright ? Rich Limited. Inc. All Rights Reserved 正翻译,请收听候... [translate]

  agirls miss friends when they head college 女孩错度过对象,当他们朝向学院 [translate]

  a此雕刻是壹次要紧的会,请你政必不要深到 This is an important conference, asks you not to have to be late by all means must [translate]

  a他帮着那位白叟穿度过了马路 He helped that old person to pass through the street [translate]